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Happy September Everyone! 

Our group has moved into the new school year and is now preparing for the busy holiday season.  We are currently planning fun activities and events to mark these occasions for our families.  Make sure to stay up to date with our newsletter as we will be announcing upcoming activites for our group and many other organizations in the San Diego area.

Puzzled Parents Announcements

PP will be changing our meetings to alternating Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate more members’ ability to attend. We will also begin broadcasting our meetings live. We will be holding a board meeting soon to finalize these

We are also still looking for a place to move our meetings to and would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

Puzzled Parents would like to acknowledge two important milestones of our members.
First, Congratulations to Justin and Michelle on their wedding nuptials! We
wish you both a long and happy marriage. Second, we would like to welcome home the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and its supporting ships. We are grateful that one of our member’s has returned home safely to his family.


Autism Speaks– had a successful and fun filled walk on September 10th. They raised $73,000, bringing them close to their $88,000 goal to support their mission!

Roots and Wings Consulting (RAW)- works with at-risk children and
families and utilizes a Positive Discipline approach.  Check out their September 2011 RAW News issue which includes a great article on bulling. “…pretty much every school in the country is back in session. As we sent or dropped our kids off this morning, the emotions they approached the day with are as varied as the hair styles we sent them with. Some of our kids were excited, some were nervous, some were determined, some were indifferent (or pretending to be), and more than a few were downright terrified… “ (Aisha Pope) (Read More)

The Agape Connection- is a local group that provides
support and educational information for the special needs community.  Check them out at

Grossmont Healthcare District’s 10th Annual Kids Care FestSaturday September 24th– This is a great event that is free and includes lunch. Here are some of the things they are offering.

  • Free Health Screenings
  • Educational Health Information
  • Rady’s Safety Store
  • Children’s Fingerprinting
  • Pony Rides
  • Free Books


  • Socialization & School Integration Ideas-“Socialskills for typical children come with trial and error on the playgrounds for the variety of unwritten rules in a very social world. For children on the autism spectrum, these skills can be the most abstract and complex concepts for them to learn…” (Read More)
  • Inclusion: A Journey So Far & Lessons Learned-Inclusion – “the process of taking a special needs individual and including them in a typical education setting – is a tough, delicate, and extremely complex subject to address. Each situation is unique to the child as well as the desired setting. This statement can especially be true for children with autism and other developmental and behavioral issues. My goal is to give parents and professionals a viewpoint on inclusion for their own use so they may benefit from a parent’s perspective.” (Lisa Ackerman) (Learn More)

Re Spectrum Community– A group dedicated to providing and finding social and recreation opportunities for spectrum children. (Learn More)

  • Lil Explorers Nature Walk– September 18th at Batiquitos Lagoon
  • Free Trial Prodigies Art Classes will be on September 17

Autism Tree Project Foundation– (September Events)

  • Mommy/Daddy & Me Playtime will be held on September 17th
  • Parent Mentor Training Event- September 22nd
  • Shred for Autism Skateboard Event- September 24th

Autism Society-  Is having a North County Family Gym Night on September 24th
at Palomar Family YMCA and their 2nd Annual Autism Society Fundraiser on October 9th at LIPS .Learn about these events and more that San Diego Autism Society offers at

NAMI- National Alliance on Mental
provides many services and assistance, including a helpline for families, friends and those affected by mental illness.  This is a free and confidential service.
Contact them at 1-800-523-5933

XciteSteps’ in-school and after-school special needs mentoring services:

  • Classroom Mentor
  •  Social, Behavioral Mentoring
  •  ABA Therapy
  •  Social Group Activities
  •  Recreational and Sports Clubs
  •  Special Needs Nanny Service


NAMI- Become a Stigma Buster! NAMI StigmaBusters is a network of dedicated advocates across the country and around the world who seek to fight inaccurate and
hurtful representations of mental illness. (Sign up and learn more)

New Autism Speaks Guide Helps Parents Better Understand and Navigate the IEP ProcessNew York, N.Y. (August 23, 2011) – “Autism Speaks, the world’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, today released Individualized Education Program (IEP): Summary, Process and Practical Tips, a free, new online guide that provides parents with important and reliable information and advice about navigating the IEP process, created by a team of pro bono lawyers at Goodwin Procter… “ (Learn More)

E-Learning expands for special-needs students– “When Seph Koutsioukis was in a classroom at an elementary school in Simpsonville, S.C., he floundered. For Seph, who has autism, on-the-spot questions from teachers were a source of embarrassment. He was easily distracted by the sights and sounds in the colorful, occasionally loud room…” (Nirvi Shah) (Read More)

Four-day school weeks catching on-IRENE, S.D. — “When the nearly 300 students of the Irene-Wakonda School District returned to school this week, they found a lot of old friends, teachers and familiar routines awaiting them. But one thing was missing: Friday classes…”(Associated Press) (Read More)

E-Rate Puts Spotlight on Internet
The Federal
Communications Commission has released an order that will require schools to educate students about Internet safety in order to comply with the federal E-Rate program, which provides funding for schools to achieve online connectivity…”( Katie Ash) (Read More)

Special Olympics Tops Ranking Of Disability Nonprofits-“Based on recommendations from more than six dozen experts, a new ranking finds that Special Olympics and The Arc are the most “high-impact” national nonprofits in the disability community…”(Michelle Diament) (Read More)

Plans Emerge To Increase Special
Education Funding
-“There may be two different bills on the table designed to fully fund special education when Congress returns this fall if one lawmaker follows through on plans announced this week…”(Michelle Diament) (Read More)

Puzzled Parents News is associated with the San Diego Puzzled Parents Support Group and is created by Heather Kennedy.


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